WTF am I supposed to do?

9th Jul 2016

Like Sandra Like me, Sandra Bland was an educated, black woman from Chicago. Based on the last seen video of her alive, she was also a woman who recognized when she was being treated unfairly and would speak on it; like I used to be. Bland was most likely murdered by…

STEM Resources for Children

22nd Apr 2015

Because I have been volunteering teaching programming to children, resources for teaching children have been on my mind lately. Today, on the Systers's mailing list, a woman was asking for that very thing. I wanted to keep track of some the suggestions for future reference. Resources that highlight women in STEM Wreck-It-Ralph Sugar Rush…

Reading List

19th Jun 2014

I read some great articles this week. The growth of the internet and social networks has really provided me with an opportunity to learn so much. So, thank the Interwebs for providing a low barrier or entry to under-represented voices! I read these What White Children Need to Know About Race So…

Color Brave

7th Jun 2014

I watched this video after a trying week at work in which I called out someone for language that I found to be offensive. See my last post on courage...I tried it. The response was decidedly mixed between people who thought I was misinterpreting the person the person meant well I was being inflammatory/not…

Lack of Courage

31st May 2014

Part of this clip is a clip of an interview Melissa Harris-Perry did with the late Maya Angelou. When Angelou speaks about society's lack of courage, I couldn't help to think about how incredibly powerless I've been feeling at work lately. Totally needed this right now. So thankful for the amazing black

Each One Teach One

27th Apr 2014

Today was a pretty good day. I gave an impromptu, but brief speech to young women developers at Technovation[MN]'s Appapalooza. I think this will be the year that I start volunteering with youth. Likely because, for once in my life, I feel like I have something valuable to contribute to those…

Same Ol' Same Ol'

23rd Apr 2014

In today's edition of random article reviews, I saw a link to yet another Atlantic article, but this time from my Twitter feed. The subtitle of The Confidence Gap says it all: Evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men—and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as…

Radia, Radia

20th Apr 2014

This gem, Radia Perlman: Don't Call me the Mother of the Internet, came across my LinkedIn timeline yesterday. It was equal parts uplifting, therapeutic, and maddening. Perlman is a woman and a "leader in the field of computer science": the creator of an algorithm that has helped to make the Internet…

Wednesday random musings

12th Mar 2014

Paul Ryan needs to take several seats Too many people in positions of power think just like this. Shaun T++ I am in my final week of T25 Beta and just ordered Insanity Asylum. But, I also want to do more running, so I plan on attempting this Half-Marathon training/Asylum hybrid. Scandal-lous Finished the first

Binge watching some must see Web series and TV

9th Mar 2014

Yesterday, I binge watched all of Season 1 of the web series "Black Actress" whose star totally reminds me of Nicki Minaj--I bet she gets that all the time. But, it is hilarious and the quirkiness of the main character and her bestie made me feel like less of a weirdo--which

Trick Baby the movie

8th Mar 2014

I bought and watched "Trick Baby", a movie made during the blaxploitation era. I mostly watched it after seeing this scene posted during one of my journies through the Internets. Upon receiving the DVD, this was part of the synopsis from the back cover But when the chips are down,…

Last day on Facebook

6th Mar 2014

Wow, so on this last day of the blog challenege, I said I would be leaving Facebook. I will be deactivating my account as opposed to deleting it. Here are the pages/content I will truly miss. Son of Baldwin. This is where I getmy family (i.e. other black people, but also…

Janet Mock at Macalaster College

4th Mar 2014

I was fortunate enough to be on Facebook at the right time to see Janet Mock plug her Twin Cities appearance at Macalaster College. I was doubly fortunate to have a friend that wanted to join me at the event. I first learned about Janet on Facebook some months ago. However,…

Buzzfeed employs Mistress Cleo, obviously

3rd Mar 2014

My Buzzfeed quiz results for which Gilmore Girls man-boo you would likely end up with. This guy sounds exactly like my husband. How did they know??!!!

Great articles from my FB feed

2nd Mar 2014

As the 30 day challenge comes to a close, I have only so many days until I leave Facebook. I've spent this morning reading articles that I would not have found otherwise. Here are a few good ones. Claudette Colvin refused to move to the back of the bus before Rosa…

Article Critique: 9 Things You Should Never Ask Employees to Do

1st Mar 2014

A friend posted an Inc. article on things bosses should not do and I had thoughts. I mostly have the overwhelming feeling that the type of environment where a list of nevers like this is required is not the place I would want to work. For instance, Jeff Haden (the author)--while…

Not so ready for my close up

28th Feb 2014

A few weeks ago a contact on LinkedIn liked a post from another photographer who was offering headshots plus hair or makeup all at the same time. My LinkedIn photo is...ok, but I'd really like a nicer picture of myself. Like the ones I am envious of (see Keidra's LinkedIn…

Shit that programmers with a technical communication background like

27th Feb 2014

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my tech lead about the lack of relevant, well-organized documentation. We are on opposite ends of the spectrum with regards to how much documentation is necessary/useful. StackExchange has a great question on this very thing. And now the list... JavaDocs because (a) writing out what your…

Staying in my lane

26th Feb 2014

I don't have a whole lot on my mind today, so I will do something brief on the Nonviolent Communication view on status. Basically, status is not important. Striving for status may actually be preventing you from living the life you truly want. I grew up thinking that certain things were…

Why they undereducate your babies

25th Feb 2014

I know that when you live your life in an unmistakably big black body, of the type that Rachel, Creshuna and I share, a body that is often seen as aggressive and threatening, two types of coping strategies emerge. One is a kind of aggressive embrace of one.s…

Moar sleep please

24th Feb 2014

I really need to be in bed, but I didn't want to end my streak of blog posts! I've been up way longer than expected two-strand twisting my hair. I did it on air-dryed hair and now, I look like two-strand-twist Farah Fawcett. I can't believe how long my hair has

I can haz this smoking jacket?

23rd Feb 2014

Occasionally, I will find myself on the Betrabrand website because they make interesting things. My husband has their executive hoodie which was cute and very well made. So that along with their unique clothing is what makes me keep coming back. But, I have yet to make a purchase. Their clothing…

Cheese curds are the best

22nd Feb 2014

This morning I made scrambled eggs with kale, red onion, and cheese curds. The gooey cheese curds melted in with the eggs was like a party in my mouth. I don't know why I never really knew or thought about cheese curds when I lived in Chicago. But here in Minnesota,…

Shaun T for president!

21st Feb 2014

When I was a teenager trying to lose weight, my mother bought me (and my brother who was also trying to lose weight) some fitness DVDs. For at least a year, before my father got a family YMCA membership, I would do some fitness tape (yes, VHS) a few times…

You control your emotions

20th Feb 2014

One of the most freeing things I learned from "Nonviolent Communication" is thatnobody is responsible for my emotions and I am not responsible for anyone else's emotions. On the surface, it seems a bit harsh. A bit like a justification in being rude. But, that is totally not the case. Our emotions…

Women in programming, what gives?

19th Feb 2014

This article talks about how a change in how computer programming courses are named/presented at certain colleges has led to an increase in women in those courses. One important point from a professor in the article was that making something "girly" did not make it appealing. One female student in…

omfg warmth!

18th Feb 2014

I went for a walk outside today. I haven't done a walk for enjoymnet since...October??? It was amazing; I can't wait until these type of temperatures become normal. Unfortunately, we have a return to the 20s/teens/single-digits coming up in just a couple of days with...more snow. Blergh.

That House of Cards life

17th Feb 2014

So...House of Cards Season 2, Episode 1. I see what everyone on the Internet was talking about. First of all, great job everyone on keeping the spoilers on the D/L! Second of all, I love love love the dynamic of Frances and his wife, Claire. It's like "oh hey, yup men

Planned Parenthood does not want to kill Black babies

16th Feb 2014

I just read a great article that debunks the mythology--which has reared its ugly head yet again--that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was actively interested in decreasing the Black population for racist means. I encourage you to read Margaret Sanger and the African American Community for yourself. In brief, Sanger

Knowledge of self

15th Feb 2014

I started reading "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl" after seeing the 2013 movie version of "12 Years a Slave". The story of Patsy, a slave who was desired/raped/(perhaps loved) by her master and hated/abused by the master's wife, made me want to know more aboutwhat life was…

I <3 my job

14th Feb 2014

Today is Valentine's Day! Oh how I used to hate V-Day and now, it's like who cares?! Of course, it's easy when you have a significant other (SO) to think of howmeaningless this actual day is. An SO that buys you flowers for both home AND work and doesn't just…

I think I have found THAT stylist

13th Feb 2014

I went to E 42nd St Salon today. It was my third time there over the course of about a year, but I hope to go a little more often this next year. It's a place that specializes in curly hair. I didn't even know such places existed until I had…

Now with Google Analytics!

12th Feb 2014

I am working on a paper tonight and thus, have little time for blogging. But, out of curiousity, I decided to look at my Google Analytics account to see if anyone has actually visited this blog or even my main website--which hasn't had actual content in forever ever. Of course, I…

The uselessness of shame

11th Feb 2014

This is probably the most coherent Lil' B song I have ever heard. I actually downloaded it a long time ago because I like it so much. And, ultimately it is relevant to today's blog topic: shame. Let's start off with a great quote from Ralph Ginzburg's 100 Years of Lynchings:…

Now with comments

10th Feb 2014

Look who added comments to their blog! Because this blog uses a flat-file CMS and I don't want to deal with setting up databases and whatnot, I chose Disqus for comments here. Comments are all moderated because I care. I hope to continue adding things and redesigning this blog as I go.


9th Feb 2014

This above is my most favoritist ever period-related graphic. Courtesy of Jezebel. Today's tale is about suppressing a potentially awkward work interaction. Honestly, I never feel like I'm a woman--totally a blog for another day--until things like this happen.

Must leave the Facebook

8th Feb 2014

It is time. I have to make a break while I can. March 5 will be the day that I shut it down, shut it all down. This is the final day I have any Facebook group obligations. Of course, there will be some challenges in doing this. What I'll miss on…


7th Feb 2014

This semester of my MBA program, I am trying one of my university's blended courses. I only have to meet with other classmates 5 times while doing the rest of my communication and work online. Plus, my class meeting is on a Saturday which means I don't have to go after a…


6th Feb 2014

I have been feeling incredibly bored lately. I guess I've checked off all of society's life goals college financial independence (from my parents) marriage children--haha just kidding, not ready for all that yet and I'm not willing to trade my general boredom for that challenge right now Oh and my job is great. That whole thing…

How Trayvon Martin changed me

5th Feb 2014

Today would have been the 19th birthday of Trayvon Martin. The circumstances of his death and the rationalization of his death by people who were in spaces that I deemed sane and safe have led me on quite the internal journey. Those who follow me on Facebook likely noticed a distinct difference…

A Pico blog!

4th Feb 2014

I, uh, managed to overwrite this file. :/